Floyd Franz LLC is a consumer goods and services corporation headquartered in Tallahassee, FL.  Founded by Kym Dudley of Florida, Floyd Franz's business development dates back to 2015.


Whipped Body Butter

Body Butter Bakery produces natural skin care products made in the USA.


Cass Haus retails modest apparel and accessories that help women look and feel confident.

Kale & Collard

Kale & Collard is a sweet Southern cornbread fed apparel and home lifestyle brand.

Monroe & Park

Monroe & Park is a contemporary apparel and home store for those who love, honor, and occupy Florida's capital city.

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Queens Salon was designed with the woman's mental health and hair health in mind.  Committed to customer service and a positive environment, Queens aims to be the premier salon for nourishing the hair and soul.

Saint Franz offers luxury salon and media suites available for daily and monthly rental.

Tipped by a Rose produces high quality designer nail enhancements.